European delayed Shipments start to be delivered


There are much appreciated that people support and understand us during the tough period since the European shipments were much delayed for orders W30000-W40000 due to Chinese New Year shipment traffic. We spent much time and about 3 times the costs to have released these shipments recently (we have paid extra custom duty/port demurrage fee/re-arrangement delivery fee). This has caused us great losses, but we will take all responsibility. 

Here is the good news recently, The European delayed shipments start to be delivered in May-June(from the European warehouse to your address).  All Yellow marked orders will be delivered shortly/or have been deliveredsome of the new tracking numbers will be updated by email, and some of the tracking will be used as same as the previous one. For the Green Marked, These orders are held in Poland, we paid the extra fee and will get a new update soon. For the Blue markedwe paid extra fees, and waiting for the package to be released soon.

Finally, many thanks for understanding, due to some external factors(Russia-Ukrain), and some conflicts happening in Europe, we are recently facing unstable shipments from China to Europe. Packages are average delayed and cost are goes higher than usual. Please give us more patience if the package gets stuck in 2024, please trust us, we will positively to fix the problems. 

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