European Shipments Delayed

For recently email enquire of Packages to european countries are much delayed due to Chinese new year overload shipments. We are facing same situation every year that there are tons of package out to european countries from China at the period before/after the long chinese break. Due to the accumulation of goods in overseas warehouses, customs clearance among European countries has slowed down near the Chinese Lunar New Year. There is big traffic for our packages shipped out to European countries around Oct 2023-Feb,2024. Some of these packages are stuck/slow clearing due to overload packages and less labor of delivery. 
Please don't worry about your package, we are working on the situation. All stuck packages will be delivered but will take longer time than usual. Also, we will take all the responsibilities if the package not be delivered later. 
We are now expecting the packages will be delivered in April and early May. New updates will be up to date here.
These over-delayed packages are not missed or lost, they are just in the process of clearance or assigned delivery.
Please don’t worry if you can’t find the tracking number, the new transfer tracking number will be updated after release. Some of the original tracking numbers had expired (can not be tracked at this moment). Because the package is not assigned a new delivery task. the packages are in the overseas warehouse or in custom clearance. There will be a new tracking number uploaded to match your order when the item has been assigned a delivery task.

As a long time launched platform, we guarantee here the all delayed shipments will be deliveryed ASAP.
4th April, some of the stuck packages have been assigned new delivery date, these packages will be delivered in recently expected in April.

22nd April updates: there have 100+ more packages released in 1-2 weeks will update detailed infos here when we get the data.

2nd May updates, All delayed European shipments will large scale finish final delivery. Sorry for the long waited. The new tracking number will be automatically be sent to your email in soon.

14th May updates: there have over 100+ packages was stuck will be deliveryed in 1-2 weeks. if there have new tracking number come out we will send to your email.