Black Friday Sale.Day3 Start at 27th 9PM New York Time

Black Friday Sale.Day3 Start at 27th 9PM New York Time

Black Friday promotion starts from 21:00 New York time.

PC house Pokemon Series will in the sale in day 2/ 26th 9PM

Please read the following information carefully:
1. The shipping fee is not included for all promoted products. Insurance Payment is a shipping care not the payment for products(Wrong Insurance orders will be cancelled)

2. Refundable policy applies to all promoted products, cancel orders in 3 days is allowed (If shipping fee is overrated).

3. If you purchased the same product but now is be discounted and have not got shipping inovice yet, you could make a new order with promotion price to replace the previous order. We will refund the previous one.

4. $1 products(IU Luffy/BT Zoro and Shanks)will restock everyday as 5 Pcs one turn 25-27th (restock the inventory at 21:00).

5. Abandoned orders products are changing everyday for 3 days with limited quantities(1-3PCS).

6. All promoted products are sponsored by various studios.

7. Products from Gentleman 18 and Weare A Design studio limited to 3 PCS per day(restock 3 Pcs everyday).

8. Each person can only buy a same product one piece, otherwise the order will be cancelled as invalid.

Please kindly follow the Studios to get a notice for further sales:

Weare A Design: on Twitter @WeareADesign

Gentleman 18 Studio: on Twitter @Gentleman18S

BT Studio: on Twitter @BTstudioteam

Super Bomb Studio on Twitter @SuperBombStudio

IU Studio

Typical Scene Studio on Twitter @Typical_Scene

SeReTei Studio on Facebook @SeRetei Studio

Fulishe Studio

Execution Studio

Iron curtain Studio

Jiumei Studio