Sponsorship event on 18th-20th

Event Rules:

1. The Sponsorship event  sale/ inventory restock will start at 10AM NEW YORK TIME (18-20th).

2. All orders placed in event are non-refundable after 3 days of purchase. If you cannot accept this rule, please do not place an order.

3. In order to increase buyer engagement, buyers who have previously purchased the same product can be refunded if they are able to purchase promotional items. (Only pre-sale products meet this rule, not products already in stock.)

4. All product prices do not include shipping costs, shipment costs will be sent via email when the product is ready to be shipped.

5. All gentleman NSFW products are limited quantities (2pcs per day)

6. In the event, in-stock products are also limited in quantity, pre-sale products are all sponsorship prices. In order to attract more overseas fans, these studios are only offer promotion prices on our website at this time of year.

7. Insurance is optional payment for shipping care, we highly recomand insurance to reduce accidental transportation losses.

8. Thanks for subscribing our website, we will improve the quality of service and offer more benefits to our loyal players in the future. We only have one official account on different social platforms: weareanimecollectors.

9. The chance to have Grimmjow Jaegerjaques for $1(1Pc available) is at 10AM NYT 18th, shipping cost is not included.

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.