Youtube Event

We are editing our first video for our YouTube Channel. In order to get more subscribers before our YouTube officially open , we decide to make this event for our subscribers. We will upload new statues each day before the first video we post to YouTube.

How to play?

We will upload a new statue each day(starting at the price will much lower than the market price), However, they will be drop certainly amount if the statues can't be sold in previous day. each statue has 10 days reduction period. after 10 days they will be dropped to a fixed price until it be sold. But all the statues in this event will only one piece available. so the buyers should consider when is the day cost-efficient to make the purchase.

All the statues will be uploaded here at EDT(Eastern Daylight time) 7PM, the first two(Toshiro, Sakazuki) will be uploaded 7th June at 7PM. The new statues will day by day here at 7PM as well,price drop time is 7PM as well 

How to enter the event?

1. Subscribe our YouTube Channel(Search: Weareanimecollectors on YouTube). There have two account, Weareanimecollectors, and Weareanimecollectors Z. Z is using to update the factory process. So subscribe Weareanimecollectors to watch unboxing videos later on.

2. Follow our Instagram: Weareanimecollectors. Our Ins is using to show the newest statues and post new announcements.

(we will check your qualifications after you make a payment)


Cancellation policy

You can cancel in first 3 days after you paid a statue. we will pass the chance to the next buyer. So we will upload the statue again as the price you paid. The buyers who cancelled statue will lose qualification to buy the same statue you cancelled before.


We support repairable damage made in transit.  we will send repairable parts if we have. The tiny damage and easy to be fixed(using type 5800 glue yourself). not repairable damage we will make solution later on. 

we only accept repair request in 7 days after you get your statue(please gathering proofs, and send them to us. Fake proofs will not acceptable). please check the statue once you signed in your package.we are not accept request for Human-made and the damages are not be made in transit.  


USA, Canada, France, German, Australia, and so on countries, If you can see the shipping fee in the last step of payment, we will not arrange extra payment for shipping.

The rest of countries we will request shipping payment after you paid a statue. We are welcome you cancel orders if you think shipping fee is higher than your expectation. 


All the statues in this event are supported by cooperated studios, some statues was planned as a sample to be displayed in shows(Due to covid-19, the shows was cancelled, so the statues are new in package, but no color box).