If item arrived damaged?

If the item arrived damaged?

We will ensure that all items are intact when they are shipped out.

We take extreme care in packaging our shipments to help minimize the risk of damage the best we can. That being said, sometimes damages can occur during transit. There are some options to handle the situation.

1. Insurance is recommended, Insurance can be paid on the products page, and we will have different refund Levels(Details on Insurance Policy)

2. If repairable. Some of the studios do have a warranty to help fix or replace damaged pieces, so if the damaged part is repairable, the studio will arrange a replacement part. The shipping cost of replacement parts is not covered. If you want to request a repair, send to email: weareanimecollectors@gmail.com

(Not all studios provide repairs, this depends on their sales, inventory, and service. So we still recommend buying insurance, which can Minimize your losses and you can also request a repair.)

3. Request a refund

We accept requests for a refund if the statue arrived damaged. The details on Refund Policy.