Item delayed/damaged/lost

Our site is a trustworthy website that will guarantee your order will be fully cared. If your package is waited a too long time and not arrive yet. please read the policy below: 

Sea shipping: If the shipment does not reach your address for more than 3 months, we will refund 20% of the freight. 

Air Shipping: If the shipment does not reach your address for more than one and a half months, we will refund 20% of the freight. 

Package overdelayed 3 months or more, please conatct [email protected] to check the package status, we will give the solution by email.

If your package claimed lost and not able to delivery by shipping company, we will fully refund you including shipping cost. 

(Special case: For 2023 Oct-Feb, 2024, there are many packages to European countries that are facing high traffic delays near the Chinese New Year. Packages are not lost on the trip. We are handling the situation, and guarantee packages will be delivered but will take more time than usual. Please don't worry and give us more patience, we will take responsibility for those all packages. Some of the packages, in this case, will be delivered recently and the rest of the packages will be released for delivery in soon.)

If the situation is happening with your order please contact us ASAP on email [email protected]

For Item arrive with broken.

Our website is providing "Insurance" shipping care options for purchase.

Once you purchased shipping care and matched it to your item. we will take the responsibility for broken items when they arrived.

You will able to get a partial refund(up to 80% refund) or get replacements(if replacements are available) with free shipping.

This is our Insurance policy:

For Those who didn't purchase "Insurance"

We'd willing to contact the studio if replacements are available but for the extra charge for shipping. However, if replacements are unavailable, you will take the risk on your own.

Tiny damaged item please self-repair it yourself. The delivery process is out of our control, please consider purchasing "Insurance" to reduce the shipping risk of your orders.


Please contact us by email: [email protected] when the item arrived broken.