【In stock】MNQ04 Mecha Warrior

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Most of the mecha series are not resin made, we use plastic and metal alloy mixed to make the mecha series. The price will be based on the metal content. If the metal content is high, the price will be relatively higher.

Mecha series is a series of movable joints. You can change their movements and equipment by yourself to complete the pose you want them to present.

Some Mecha series products need installation by yourself, we can do the installation for an extra charge.

All the in-stock products, we will ship out in 7 days. Pre-Sale products will depend on the official release time to arrange shipping time. Almost all products will go to sea transportation to reduce shipping fees unless you want to get products faster, then you can pick other shipping options(2-3 times the cost of sea transportation). 

The shipping fee is not included 
our products usually are big statues, 11 inches to the 50-inches height, 5 kg to 100kg weight. Sea transportation is affordable!!!!! (but takes time)
However, it is worth it. We make the best quality products in every single detail. The quality of our products is different from most products in the market. We do collectible creativity rather than "soulless" products.

Cancellation Clause
【In stock】products
Customers can cancel anytime and get a full refund before the products are shipped out. Also, customers can apply for a refund within 30days after receiving the product. Once the product is shipped back to our warehouse, we will fully refund it. Freight of return will be borne by the buyer

Cancellation and return will only refund the balance payment. We will not refund the deposit.  


28 CM height