Insurance(Shipping Care) Policy

Insurance is optional but recommended. Insurance can reduce loss as much as possible.

All products can be purchased with insurance, and some previously uploaded products didn't set up insurance. If you want to buy insurance(for previously uploaded products), please contact us.

Because resin statues are fragile products, we will pack these statues very carefully to ensure that the statues can be safely delivered to customers, In fact, just a few cases that damaged packages we deliveredHowever, sometimes damages can occur during transit unavoidably.

We now offer the option of insurance purchase. The cost of insurance will be 10% of the total price of the product, and we will introduce different levels of claim clauses. 

Claim application must submit within 10 days after signing in the package. After 10 days we will not accept your claim application anymore. shipping cost is not in insurance coverage.

We will not accept the claim of human-made damage. Once our products are signed in, we will also not accept a claim by anthropic factors unless the product is damaged in transit. Gathering proofs, taking photos, and sending them to us, We don't accept false/fake evidence and will report it to the platform and blacklist you.

Level 1. Damage that happened in transit is not obvious and can be repaired by glue(After repair, does not affect the overlook), will be refunded 15%-20% of the statue price, depending on the extent of the damage.

Level 2. Damage is obvious and caused crushing damage. The statue can't be repaired well (will be refunded 25%-45% of the statue price,depends on the extent of damage)

Level 3. Large area damage, causing irreparable damage(will be refunded 50%-80% of the statue price, depending on the extent of damage)