10K Instagram followers Event

Celebrate our Instagram will to 10K followers.

The event will start when our Instagram reach 10K followers.

Follow our Instagram: weareanimecollectors to check the time for event begin.


The event will last for two days. and all the statue are limited quantities.(discount code is not work for the event)

The following statues will as price below in the event and only take full payment(The price is not included shipping)

$69(Sponsorship Price 20 Pcs limited for each): Super bomb 1/8 Goku/Sanji/Zoro/Kakashi/Itachi/ POP size Hancock

$89(20 Pcs limited for each)Iron Curtain Kakashi

$99(2 Pcs limited):Garou/L-deadnotes/

$139(Sponsorship Price 20 Pcs limited): 1/6 Super bomb Anbu itachi/kakashi/Cheng Uzui

$179: Daenerys Targaryens(1 available)

$189(Sponsorship Price 20 Pcs limited for each): 1/4 Hancock/Son goku 

$199(Sponsorship Price 2 Pcs limited for each): gentleman 18 studio Zoro/Ace/Kakashi

$229: magic cube Tamayo/ Taugikuni (1 available)

$269: magic cube Inure obanai (1 available)

$299: Tsuyuri Kanao/ Jinchuriki-Naruto/ Gentleman 18 Yuji(1 available)/Howl Moving Castle

$369: Zaohua Makima (1 Pcs available) replaceable bra included

$459 Super Six saint seiya Saga(2 available)